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The Boltt Coin App leads you to a healthier lifestyle by rewarding you for being more active. Track & measure steps via your mobile phone & Convert them into BolttCoins

What can I do with BolttCoin?

Use Boltt Coins to shop products from a large in App Network of retailers and Brands. Enjoy other benefits like Discounts, Health &
Fitness Services, Employee Welfare & Loyalty Discounts You can also send/receive Boltt coins amongst your loved ones!

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Participate in Boltt's sponsored challenges & Tournaments conducted by corporates, brands, and celebrities. Users can also create their own challenges & invite their friends. Winners can take away BOLTT Tokens as reward & incentives

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    India Marathon
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"With a customised data analysis and meaningful insights garnered through Boltt, Indian audience will get the niche they are looking for regarding personalised health coaching,"

“The AI coach is described as being a personality that assumes the persona of a trusted mentor, and the interface is said to be as simple as chatting with a friend. I have to say that this sounds like just what I need.”

“A 24x7 text coaching and user interaction also guides and supports the user in eating healthier, getting more active, and building great lifestyle habits. ”

“Run better wearing Boltt smart shoes.”

“Forget Silicon Valley, the next big thing in sports tech might be coming from Silicon Delhi instead. Boltt Sports Technologies” “a connected platform of smart shoes, fitness bands, and a mobile app that it hopes will challenge the biggest names in the fitness tech world. And perhaps even raise India’s standing in the sports world.”

“Indian startup Boltt is claiming to have a fitness tracking system so complete that it'll force you to ditch your Fitbit, Jawbone or Moov system - all through the power of artificial intelligence (AI).”

Boltt Says It Will Beat Your Personal Trainer On Price And Performance

These shoes were meant for calling: smart shoes walk into the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

“AI-enabled personal coach will guide the user to their goal-oriented activities instead of just giving them information they can’t use.”

He “It's creating an ecosystem of devices and software that can can all communicate with each other to build a more comprehensive overview of your current level of fitness.”

“Boltt is a new sports technology start up that wants to change the way athletes use wearables. Rather than just providing metrics. Boltt wants to introduce usable guidance through artificial intelligence.”

“Boltt is addressing the white space in the wearables domain and through the meticulous AI reinventing the complementing software part of the fitness gadgets space.”

“Assigns bite sized tasks everyday, with 24*7 support keeps you from falling off the track.”

“Boltt has created a bold vision – to help users improve their fitness & health. ”

AI coach (B) helps users can stay on track with their fitness goals.